Sunday, December 22, 2019

Half a million pageviews on our main site Musiques d'Afrique

If a website is more than 20 years old, it is difficult to track page views and visitor numbers over such a long period of time, as web counters sometimes tend to disappear, probably because they are facing harsh competition from services such as Google Analytics. Changing hosting provider does not help either...! Bearing this in mind, we are nevertheless proud to see that our Gostats widget shows an important number of page views on the 15th of December:
The real number is undoubtedly higher, as not all pages are currently being counted (for technical reasons). Also, we cumulated stats from the web host until 2014 to the Gostats statistics, because we are using Gostats since April 2014. We also lost some data in the transition from to The figure of 500,000 page views reflects visits since the start of the web site in late 1997 (with very few visitors in the first years). The number of sessions and number of visitors, however, are counted only since April 2014, so these figures cannot be compared to the number of page views. As you can see, we will reach 100,000 web sessions in a few days.

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