Friday, June 18, 2010

Zangalewa (this Time for Africa)

As Shakira was asked to compose a song for the 2010 football championship in South Africa, she acknowledged that he had been inspired by a song she heard as a little girl. When listening to « Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) », it becomes clear very soon that a part of the song stems from Cameroon's Golden Sounds' « Zangalewa », a song from 1986, that has become known throughout Africa. It was successful to the extent that the band even changed its name into Zangalewa.

The original song, also referred to as « Zamina » can be watched hereunder. The band, composed of members of the presidential gard had prominent members such as Jean Paul Zé Bella, Guy Dooh, Emile Kojidie, Luc Eyebe, and young singer Annie Anzouer who went solo later. Others, for example Benjamin Denga and Mathurin Oyono have died.

It was Emile Kojidie, who lives in the United States who contacted a lawyer, most other members are retired in their village in Cameroon. Apparently, some sort of an arrangement has been settled, although others speak of jealousy between members of the band. Rumour is that a new album for Zangalewa is being considered. Apparently, no money has been paid yet, but I was happy to hear the original song on Dutch television during a sports programme. This is surprising as the song is not available on the market (except on old cassettes in Cameroon)...