Sunday, November 25, 2007

Joe Dioubaté, part 2

Things moved fast for Joe Dioubaté, and maybe a bit too fast.

On November 11, there was the 6th edition of the Guinean Hip Hop Golden Cassette Award (The Guinean phonographic market is still dominated by the good old cassette). The Golden Cassette was granted to a group named Sèmbèdèkè for their album Tétra. But Joe Dioubaté received two prices, one for Best Singer and one for Best Solo Album. With a few friends he celebrated this good news in a local boîte de nuit. When they returned late that night, a car collided with theirs, and drove off after the accident! Joe was wounded and brought in hospital, but was released a few days later, and returned to hospital the next weekend for internal bleedings. He fought for his life, but seems to be recovering now.

Yet an example that good news and bad news can follow each other very quickly. Also an example of the dangerous traffic conditions in Africa.