Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Madilu 1950-2007

It has already been more than two years since he is gone: Le Grand Ninja, Madilu System. He started singing in 1969, rose to fame as one of the main singers of Franco's TPOK Jazz, where he contributed to the success of songs such as « Non », « Mario », « Réponse de Mario » (1985), « La Vie des hommes » (1986) and « Mamou (Tu Vois?) » (1984).

In the last two decades his solo albums encountered reasonable success.

In the following song, split in two videos, « Destin » (a later version called « Biya » was released on his « Sans commentaire » solo album), he sung about his love for his companion, that should never end. Especially in the second part they really rock. Singers are, besides Madilu, Josky Kiambukuta, Diatho Lukoki and the late Djo Mpoyi. The genius on guitar was Jerry (or Gerry) Dialungana, who is neither no longer with us.

The later version by Madilu can be watched here:

More info on Madilu on Musiques d'Afrique

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FMD said...

Les musiques de Madilu nous ont fait dansé !!!
Paix à son ame et que ses fesses bougent là haut !